9 Exercises That Will Make You Stronger for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling

1. Bear Crawl

This is considered one of the best exercises and men in particular would find it very useful. You must however, know how to get it done. You must start the workout while you are in a push up position. You must then try for 20 yards of bear crawl, follow it up with five push-ups. You must not rest and then bear crawl in the reverse direction and again for 20 yards. Once you reach the start line you should not stop the exercise. You should try and go in for five more push-ups. It might not be possible the first time around but once you practice it, you should be able to do it.

2. Crab Walk

If you are looking for an intense core and upper body exercise then crab walk could be a good option. Apart from helping to build muscle it makes use of your own bodyweight when it comes to offering resistance. It will help you to burn fat, tone your shoulders, back, legs, hamstrings and core. You must start by sitting on the floor. Your feet hip distance must be apart and in front of you. Your arms must be behind the back and fingers must face your hips. You should lift your hip off the ground while tightening your abs. you must slowly start walking forward by making use of your left and right foot. Your left and right hand must also come into play. Four or five steps are good enough. Do it back and forth.

3. Sprawl

This is often referred to as the poor man’s burpees. It is an exercise which strengthens the leg muscles, the ab and also strengthens your shoulder and arm muscles. To do this exercise you must start with an athletic stance. Your feet should be around shoulder width apart. Your hips and also the knees must be bent slightly. The balls of the feet should bear the weight. The movement is started by pushing the legs back and then coming to a modified pushup position.

4. Burpees

The burpee is often referred to as a full body exercise. It is also referred to as the ultimate example as far as functional fitness is concerned. Each and every rep of burpee you will be working out your chest, arms, glutes, quads, abs and hamstrings. It is possible that after a few burpees your leg could be stiff and could feel like lead. But with practice you should be fine. This is a four point move. You must drop into a squatting position from a standing position. You must push your feet back and extend your arms. You could use the press up mix if you are adventurous. Otherwise you could remain in a raised plank and move your feet back towards your hands.

5. Hanging Leg Raise

This is another quality exercise and it comes with a host of benefits. It helps train your abs and strengthen the ab muscles. It also helps in strengthening your back, arms, and shoulders and of course your legs. You should first be able to do pull up properly before you graduate to this exercise. It does put strain on your hand and shoulders and also your torso. But you should slowly life your leg and curl it at the knees so that it touches your stomach. Doing 10 such repetitions could be good enough.

6. Pull Ups

Pull ups without any doubt is one of the most common yet effective exercises. It could help build up the shoulder muscles, the arms, and even torso and abs to some extent. It is often considered to be a quality resistance exercise. It is about raising your body slowly and putting the pressure on your hands. You could start with two or three pull up and then try and reach a maximum of fifteen per each session. You will find the first few days difficult but slowly you will be able to do a good job of it.

7. Push-Ups

It is often considered to be a full body workout and it helps to work different muscles of the body. It helps to make you fitter. It certainly focuses on your arms, lower body and your abs. It is quite useful for burning those extra inches of fat. Doing a clean push up is about pushing putting pressure on the arms as you use the power of the arms to give a forward thrust to your body. Your arms should be placed near your chest. You must lift your body by putting pressure on the arms and then slowly move forward your body. The balls of the feet should be used to keep the right balance when you do this exercise.

8. Barebell Front Squats

This exercise puts to work different muscles and it does so in different ways. Front squats help give exercise to the upper back, quads apart from exercising the shoulder and arm muscles. It also helps the abdomen muscles to get toned. It is done best inside a squat rack. You must choose the right rack in relation to your size. The arms must come under the bar and the elbows must be kept high and the upper arm must be slightly above the parallel length of the floor. It will put pressure on your knees and therefore if you have knee injuries you must be careful.

9. Kettlebell Snatches or Swings

It is another amazing exercise if it is done properly. It offers the maximum amount of oxygen availability to the different parts of the body. It has to be down from top down. You must start with one leg and you must slowly lift the kettle bell and then ensure that it is above your head and the hands are straight. Your must stay in this position for around 30 seconds and bring down the kettlebell slowly. It is a tough exercise and should be repeated in both hands.

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